Brian Bloss


Brian has been working in the warehousing industry for over 25 years. He founded The WHSE, LLC. and currently oversees all operations.

Zachary Bloss

Office Supervisor

Zach ensures that all paperwork and shipment details are prepared and sent. He also manages special projects and network solutions.

Evonne Bloss

Customer Services

Evonne's day to day work includes recruiting and training new employees, updating personal files, and ensuring that applicant and employee characteristics are up to code.

About Us

Our Commitment to You

Here at The WHSE, LLC. you are our number one priority. We started as a small one-client company. And, although we have grown, we pride ourselves on maintaining the same attention to each customer. Our goals here at The WHSE, LLC. are very simple:
1. Provide our customers with the best possible service
2. Ensure that our customers feel confident that their needs always be met

Charitable Contributions

Every year since our establishment, The WHSE, LLC. and its emloyees participate in charitable events, such as the Relay For Life sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Our President also contributes to many Veterans charities.

Community Involvement

Our staff prides themselves on maintaining a visible presense in the community. From organinizing their own Relay for Life team, Blooming For A Cure, to appearing at different city sponsored events, we truly enjoy getting out and meeting our neighbors!

Commitement to the Environment

We at The WHSE, LLC. understand that times are changing and that different regulations must be imposed in order to sustain our current standards of living here on planet Earth. This is why we have commited ourselves to using the most energy efficient equipment and have a zero tolerance for wasted energy