Utilizing the latest in Warehousing Technology, While maintaining a family atmosphere


We give our customers the specialized one-on-one attention that you deserve


We focus on not only providing the greatest service, but also getting to know you and your needs


We are constantly learning new technology and techniques to provide the best experience possible

Client Says
“ The experts at The WHSE, LLC. do exactly what you would expect a warehouse to do. Take your orders and ship everything on time. But they also do so much more! They get to know you and make you feel as if you are their top priority!”
Sydney Honaker, Former Intern
Past, Present & Future
The WHSE, LLC. started as a small one client operation. What started as a family man's American Dream has now grown into a reality and is expanding every day!
Currently, The WHSE, LLC. is focussed on providing our customers the best service possible. We are constantly acclimating to the changes in technology and in the industry to stay ahead of the game so you can too!
The WHSE, LLC. will continue to provide the best service to its customers. We are fully committed to forming a professional relationship with our customers so you can relax and know that your warehousing needs are satisfied.